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Privacy and Policy

From this page you will be informed about our blog's privacy and policy. If you feel any confusion with our blog's privacy and policy then you can discus it with us.

Data Privacy

We use secure browsing protocol(https) for browsing. So, all the visitor's and their data is fully safe. The informations which you enter into our contact form and comment form(email, web address, phone number, name etc) are fully safe. We never share or public that. We use your email address to inform you about the latest contents.

Cookie Policy

Cookie is a small file which hosted on your browser. This file inform us about your visiting history of this blog. We use cookie to increase your experience on our blog.

Visitor Policy

Anyone can visit and read our contents. Our blog contents are fully public. Visitors haven’t need any account to access our contents. Visitors are able to give their opinion about any content & ask any question in comment section. Any Visitor can post a comment using their google account.

Google's User Policy

Our website has been created in Google's free blogging platform blogger, so Google collects various types of data and cookies from our site users. Read more about Google's partner site user policies.

Comment Policy

Visitor must be careful to post a comment. We never permit to post any spam link on comment section.

If you have any question about our privacy and policy then contact with us using the contact page.