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Resones for slow charging of Android phone's Battery

Even if your phone's price is thousands of dollars , first of all the battery starts getting useless. Because battery technology has remained the same over the years, yes we are increasing the battery capacity but we have not been able to bring any drastic improvement in battery technology.

The weakening of the battery of the Android phone means it's charge is low but not the only problem, another big problem is the slow speed of charging the phone. And nowadays it is seen in too many phones. Suddenly it happens that your phone used to be fully charged in 1-2 hours but now it is not fully charged in 5-6 hours. In today's article, I will discuss all the issues that cause your Android phone to charge slowly.

Reasons For Slow Charging Of Android Phone Battery

  1. Defective Charger Cable
  2. Weak Power Source
  3. Your Phone Is Old
  4. Software Update Bug
  5. Battery Damage 
  6. Using Phone Between Charging

Defective Charger Cable

If your Android phone suddenly starts charging slowly, the first thing to check is the USB cable. Most of the time the charging speed of your Android phone slows down due to the USB cable error.

So check the cable first, a lot of the time the cable is bad and does not want to be stuck well in the phone port. Check if the connector pins inside are OK. Most of the time it gets damaged at the beginning of the USB connector. In that case, the cable partially transmits electricity, and so your phone charging slowly.

Weak Power Source

Many times you may charge the phone through the USB port of your PC or laptop. In case of charging the phone with PC or laptop, the phone will charge slowly, this is normal. Because the USB port of PC or laptop can supply power up to a maximum of 0.9 amperes.

Moreover, even if you charge using wireless technology, the phone must charge slowly. Although today's wireless charging technology is much better than before, it is normal to wireless charging slower than the adapter. So if you want to charge fast then leave the charge from PC or wireless charger and charge with phones charger adapter.

Your Phone Is Old

If you use your old phone and ask questions about charging speed and battery life, no one will accept it. Everything has a lifetime. As the phone ages, its charging speed becomes much slower. Maybe your phone used to charge fast, but as it get older, it is bound to slow down.

Software Update Bug

Many people may not believe that many times providing charging software updates with errors slows down the charging speed. I have seen many people share it on various Facebook groups. The charging speed has been slow since the new update came on the phone.

Speaking about one of my friend, he was using a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite handset. After an update, its charging speed become too slow. When he told me about the matter, I told him to change the cable and charger, but there was no benefit. The problem is fixed after flashing the custom ROM.

So it is not at all strange that such a problem is created even for software bugs. If nothing works, and the battery charging suddenly slows down after a update then the error is in the update. To fix this problem, you need to delay when your phone manufacturer fixes the bug and publishes the update. Or you need to install a custom ROM. But installing custom ROM on all phones is not easy. So in that case there is no way without to be late.

Battery Damage

Many times the battery of the new phone can also be damaged. You can search online to see that everyone is facing such problems. If the phone has a warranty, request a replacement. And it is known that the battery will be damage with the age of the phone. In this case you must replace your phone's battery.

Battery replacement is no longer the same with past. Now no phone has a removable battery. In past you could buy a new battery and replace with your damaged battery. But now it is not possible without a service center. However, it would be best to get the service from the official service center of your phone.

Using phone between charging

Many times the battery of the Android phone charge slowly because of the user. Maybe you do Facebooking for hours or maybe you don’t want to get out of the PUBG game, phone's battery getting low and the gaming is going on between charging.

Or maybe you're a Netflix lunatic, you stream various high-definition movie and TV series all day long. And while streaming, you may keep the phone charging. But the problem is that when you put the phone under pressure while it is charging, your charge will down faster than charging . As a result, the overall charging speed of your phone will be much slower. So refrain from using the phone while it is charging, this not only slows down the charging speed but also severely damages the battery.

That's it, I hope this article was helpful for you. Post your opinion about this article on the comment section. To get regular articles visit this site regularly, Thanks.

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