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CountablePad: Best Notepad and Word Counter App for Android

In the past we were find pen and paper to take any notes. But now we doesn't find any pen and paper, we just open notepad on our phone and take notes. So for regular using we mast need a notepad app. In this article I am going to share a review about the best Notepad App that I used until now.

In play store there are many note apps. And the number of the apps is increasing day by day. CountablePad is one them. Let's see all the features of CountablePad.

CountablePad App Features

User interface

The user interface of this app is really awesome. The app have a complete material design. The app is really awesome in user interface. When you open the app, you will see a navbar at the bottom of the screen where is placed a plus icon to add new notes, a menu, settings icon and a search icon. To take a note just tap on the plus icon and write your note, to save the note that you wrote just press back or tap on the tick mark that shown at the top right corner of the screen.

Word counter, character counter

In this notepad you can see the count of words, carecters, sentences, and perhaps that you wrote. You can see the counts at top of the note screen and bottom of the each note at the note list. To see counts of text from another app just select the texts that you want to count an share the texts to CountablePad, then you can see the word count at the top of the screen.

Notes Backup and Restore

In this Notepad you can backup your notes to Google Drive and also restore later. To backup And restore notes go to settings and tap on "Backup And Restore option" and connect CountablePad with your Google account. After connecting with your Google Account you can backup and restore notes.

Color label

You can add color label for any note. To add a color label for any note just long press over the note title from the note screen and select Note Color option and then select a color. You can also filter note by color label. To filter just tap on the menu icon from navbar and select the color label you want to filter.

Undo / Redo

Undo & Redo is really good feature. If you accidentally delete any text you can Undo that. You can see undo and redo icon at the top right corner of note screen.

Pin Note

In this Notepad you can pin any note at top of notes list. To pin any note just long press over the note title from notes list and tap on "Pin" option. To unpin long press again and tap on "Unpin" option.

Night Mode

Now a days dark mode is a new trend. In this app you can use dark mode. To enable dark mode go to settings and find Night Mode option and turn on the toggle beside of Night Mode option.

Note Search

To easily find any note you can use search feature. To search any note just tap on the search icon that shown at the navbar and type your note's keyword and click on search button.

Reader Mode

If you want to just read any note you can use Reader Mode feature. To go to any notes Reader Mode just open the note and tap on the three dotted menu that shown at the top right corner and select Reader Mode option. To again switch to editing mode just tap on the edit icon from the topbar.

After reading this review I think you must like this App. To download the Notepad App Go to the link below.

Install CountablePad

That's it, thanks for reading full article.

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